Roles Within Task Force Husky

Infantry Roles

Rifleman: The back-bone of any military operation/squad. Typically armed with an Assault Rifle, Carbine or SMG to fit operational roles, the Rifleman is usually the first person from a foreign military that civilians will see. The roles of a Rifleman are varied, from providing overwatch, detaining civilians or even building rapport with the locals, the Rifleman does it all.

Auto-Rifleman: The Auto-Rifleman is a heavily supportive role, typically armed with a M249 LMG up to larger frame GPMGs if the operation requires. The tasks of the Auto-Rifleman (AR / ARM) is to typically lay down suppressive fire on combatants. However the Auto-Rifleman can be a mainstay in vehicles without mounted protection (EG: Land Rovers) or even dug into an emplacement to protect a strong-point within an operation.

Squad/Team Leaders: The Squad/Team leaders play a crucial part in battle, from directing their team to complete objectives, call in the right support in a wide array of situations or even parlay with other commanders, the Squad/Team Leaders do it, typically equipped in much the same way as a rifleman with the exception of a long-range radio instead of a backpack the Squad/Team leader can be the squads only link back to HQ. As they say, a team is only as strong as its leader, to be a Squad/Team Leader you have to be brave, lead from the front and make snap decisions, sometimes whilst under fire.

Support Infantry Roles

Combat Medic / Combat Life Saver (CLS): The medic is a crucial role within a squad, typically only deployed with larger sections (Assault Teams / Squads from 8-20 men) the CLS can and will be a soldiers best friend in a firefight, their role is less about firing at the enemy and more about keeping their soldiers alive on the field, tending to their wounds and sometimes providing medical aid to the civilian population within peacekeeping or disaster relief missions.

Engineer: The job of the Engineer is a simple one, keep the vehicles on the road, if a wheel blows out, its up to the engineer to patch it up to keep that vehicle combat ready, be it a Land Rover, Truck or even Tanks, the engineer can repair them all.

Explosives Ordnance Disposal Expert (EOD) / Explosives Specialist (ES): The EOD and ES is a simple life, find mines within tall grass, buildings, or even vehicles wrecks and disarm them, this role requires patience and a steady hand, especially with older Mortar rounds or even sensitive proximity mines. As an EOD you will be responsible for disarming mines, commonly within villages/towns or even setting Anti-Tank mines in an ambush.

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