Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Started in early 2016 by R.McKenzie (Huski) and B.Firat (Bazmund) Task Force Husky (Known as TFH) was in all essense just the two, a for fun group that started expanding into mid-late 2017. Now we have started to expand, growing our roster of units into our unique and fun semi-milsim attitude into missions, either in house or in public servers / events.


What We Do

Basing our equipment around the kit used by the British Armed Forces (BAF), the unit operates in both small and large scale operations, either as lone infantry elements within a platoon or a combined arms unit with assets such as air, naval and armoured. Our main focuses are C.Q.B (Close Quarters Battle) and Combined Arms Environments. We strive to offer a fun, fast paced and semi-realistic milsim experience to our members.

Our main operations are based around military situations that are commonplace in real life settings, from escorting Political HVTs, Disaster Relief and the everlasting war on insurgents with footholds in many regions, even up to peacekeeping missions.

We run at least 1 in-house mission a week on Saturdays at 18:00 GMT (BST when in DST) and Sporadic Mid-week missions with TFH joining public servers sporadically.

What Can YOU Do?